Frequently Asked Questions

What is Robin Hood Army?

Robin Hood Army is a volunteer based organization that works to get surplus food from restaurants to the less fortunate sections of the society in cities across India and 11 other countries. The organization consists of over 12,500+ volunteers spread across 58 cities, and have served food to over 4.8 Million people (as of January 2018). The volunteers are largely young working professionals from varied fields. Robin Hood Army reaches out to people on the streets, orphanages, night shelters, homes for abandoned children, patients from public hospitals, etc.

Who started the Robin Hood Army?

Modeled on the Re-Food program in Portugal, Neel Ghose and Anand Sinha started the Robin Hood initiative in August 2014.

Which all cities is the Robin Hood Army present in?

We are expanding across the globe rapidly. The Robin Hood Army is active in all the cities listed in the City dropdown here.

If you cannot find your city and want to join, please select ‘Others’ while filling the form and and we will get in touch soon.

Is the Robin Hood Army funded?

We have a golden rule at RHA- We do not accept monetary donations and contributions can only be made in the form of food (raw/cooked), blankets, clothes, stationary items (for Robin Hood Academy) or any other items you think can benefit those in need

Volunteering with RHA

How can I join Robin Hood Army?

It takes 2 minutes (yes we’ve timed it!) to become a part of the Robin family. Fill in the registration form that suits you and we’ll help you out with the details:

  • If you want to join us as a volunteer, please fill up the registration form available here.
  • If you own a restaurant, and would like to become our restaurant partner, please register here. Again, its super quick and easy.
  • If you enjoy teaching and would like to join our Academy, please register here.

After you fill out the registration form, a Robin from your city shall reach out to you and give you details on the next drive 🙂

I am not available on weekends. How can I contribute on weekdays?

We are sure we can work something out. Some of our food partners provide us with lunch leftovers on weekdays and we also get leftovers from events/functions at different points during the week. All the coordination happens through your city’s WhatsApp group (to which you’ll be added once you register and our Robin’s gotten in touch with you)! There’s a lot left to do for our citizens, and super happy to see you wanting to be a part of that movement. Click here to join.

Do you provide certificates of association to the volunteers?

No, we do not provide any certificates for volunteering with Robin Hood Army. However, based on our experience, we can assure you that your experience will speak better than any piece of paper.

How can I keep a track of the work that Robin Hood Army does?

The Robin Hood army is very active on all social media platforms. You can follow are activity on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

However, the best way is to simply vounteer with us and get a first hand experience.

Donating to RHA

I have some excess food. What should I do?

Please write to us here and we will do our best to ensure that no food is wasted. Dont forget to include your contact details, the quantity of food and the location!

How can I make a donation to Robin Hood Army?

Robin Hood Army DOES NOT accept monetary donations and only distributes the food, or contributions received in kind, from our restaurant partners and donors. If you’d like to contribute, you may do so in the form of food (raw/cooked), blankets, clothes, stationary item for RHA academy. We accept everything which can be useful to someone and in usable form.

Will I get tax exemption on my donation under 80G?

Since we do not accept any monetary donations, tax exemption certificates cannot be provided.

Press Related Queries

I work with the Press and would love to know more about Robin Hood Army. How can I get in touch with you?

Firstly, thank you for showing interest in the Robin Hood Army. It’s thanks to you guys we’re able to reach out to more people, get more Robins and restaurant partners onboard.  Please drop in an email at with your contact details, and someone from our press team shall get in touch with you.


I don't see my question here. Who can I contact for help?

Please reach out to us here, and we will revert back with an answer.