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It's India and Pakistan’s 70th year of Independence. We wanted to talk about our common enemy - Hunger.

There are 230 million people on both sides of the border who do not have two square meals a day. 230 million. We lose 7000 of our countrymen every single day because of hunger. That is more deaths than aids, malaria, and yes, even terrorism, put together.

This Independence Day - let's change that. We shall not blame the state, social workers, celebrities - it is time for *you* to step forward. The biggest act of freedom is serving your countrymen.

The major startups, VH1, musicians, and RHA, are coming together for the first time in a unique mission to unite Indians and Pakistanis into action.

On 14th and 15th August, together we shall serve 5,00,000 needy countrymen on both sides of the border. Let's do this India and Pakistan - this time, it's on us.

Ready to join the war? Here’s how:

    • Gather your friends and family, reach out to people who are less fortunate – the homeless, an orphanage, old age homes
    • If you belong to a corporate office/ college – get your whole team outdoors to make a difference
    • Don’t just serve food, talk to people, listen to them – everyone has a story they love sharing
    • Take happy pictures and share these moments on social media with the hashtag #Mission500k. Also share this with everyone across India and Pakistan here
    • Any impact is positive – whether you help ten people or a thousand, every bit counts
    • Lastly, don’t forget to wear green (Be Robin Hood)

Realign - An Anthem For A Cause

See you on the field soldier, we are all on the same side.

To get started, you have all the help you need in the kit below.

Restaurant Deck

Stressed about how to reach out to restaurants? Here’s what you pitch.

Getting Started Guide

We’re not big on rules, but here are a few guidelines we recommend you follow.

Distribution 101

To figure out how to coordinate an RHA drive with friends, here’s all you need to know.

Let's see what the #mission500k supporters say

  • RHA's journey has been truly inspiring for a lot of us at Zomato and beyond; it is also great to see the startup ecosystem coming together to make a collective and tangible difference. We are excited to join hands with them and are hopeful they will achieve their goal.

    Deepinder GoyalFounder & CEO of Zomato
  • I whole heartedly support Robin Hood Army’s desire to feed people across India and Pakistan. I appeal to people everywhere to participate in this incredible initiative to help eradicate hunger and malnutrition. It’s our world. We have to make it better.

    Farhan AkhtarActor and Musician
  • I am moved by the spirit and dedication of the Robin Hood Army to wipe out hunger from India and Pakistan. It is a remarkable opportunity for all of us to play our roles in uprooting hunger by putting an end to food wastage, however big or small. Let’s all come together to be a part of this inspiring movement.

    Ritesh AgarwalFounder & CEO of Oyo
  • When I first heard about the Robin Hood Army and their work, I was blown away. I hope the song 'Realign' helps bring more attention to #Mission500k, their staggering new effort. That anyone should go hungry in these days of excess seems terribly wrong and this is a way to correct that.

    Uday BenegalMusician and frontman of the band Indus Creed
  • Interacting with a 7-8 yr old, I learnt that she knew the letters of the alphabet but didn't want to recite it out loud because she was afraid that her friends would make fun of her. That's when I realised that it is courage that needs to be taught to these young friends. Motivating her to overcome her shyness, I made her recite the alphabets to me. It was saddening initially that the kids we met are so full of potential, and all they needed was someone to believe in that potential.

    Charuvi Dembla. 14RHA Lucknow
  • During Mission500K, we spent two days distributing food in various locations across Mumbai. At the time, my driver Bhaskar was with me, helping us drive around and give the meals out. On the second day, Bhaskar appeared with food for 160 children and said that he wanted to distribute this too. I asked where this food had come from, and he mentioned that he had spent the previous evening at home cooking it himself.

    MarcelRHA Mumbai
  • "On one of the drives, I met a small child, probably 3-4 years old who could barely hold all the food we gave out, in her hands. I noticed that she was wrapping the bananas and rice up in her dress. This little girl then ran off midway. I went after her with the dal to accompany her rice, and noticed that she had ducked into a plastic-covered street dwelling. As I bent down to peer inside, I saw an elderly woman, unable to walk, lying with her eyes half-closed under the tent. The little girl was shaking her grandma, trying to wake her up, and when the old lady opened her eyes, the girl poured all the food packets from her dress onto the floor and told her, "This is for you." I realised that the girl probably couldn't comprehend the uncertainty of her next meal, but in that moment it seemed as though her whole world revolved around her grandmother, and she was exuberant that she had been the one to find them some food."

    Saloni Kapoor, 27RHA Mumbai
  • Every child we fed was a memory made, but the sight of this old 80-90 year old man raising his hand to touch my head to bless me is something I shall never forget. Looking almost confused when offered food, he quietly dug into his rice, his hands quivering as they took that spoon full of food to his mouth, one could not help but notice him taking in the smell of the food before he began to eat it.  

    Shekhar, 26RHA Greater Noida
  • Having followed my daily 9 to 9 routine for over 10 years now, one couldn't help but stand rapt in awe at the sight of people pushing and breaking queues to get to the front of the lines, to get their food. You could hear their hunger, screaming to be heard. In that very moment of chaos, I realised that life had been indeed so kind to us, and our daily struggles for a better pay were nothing compared to that of people who could not even afford two square meals a day. I am indeed more grateful today, than I was yesterday.  

    Shanker, 35RHA Greater Noida
  • As we went about our last drive at 11 PM, serving biryani to a string of people sitting on the ground in a circle, the silence of the night had never been this deafening. It made me realise that the food that I so often complained about to my mother was a luxury here. My experience came from seeing their pain, and from this came a sense of purpose behind what was being done, and from that purpose, came the beauty of the moment. We truly are blessed to have been sitting at the centre of the circle being able to feed, instead of being needed to be fed.  

    Prerna, 34RHA Greater Noida