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Meet Robin Hood Army
This Independence Day: #Mission5
For our 5th year running Independence Day campaigns, we are undertaking a unique project - #Mission5. The idea is to prioritize those who need the food the most - the rural areas. We will mobilize grains across India & Pakistan to serve 5 MILLION citizens across 500 villages over 5 days.
The biggest act of patriotism this Independence Day is serving one's countrymen.
11th - 15th August
Serve 500 villages across the 2 countries
Join the largest war against hunger this Independence Day.
75% of the chronically underfed are in the rural areas. We need your help to change this.
Be a Robin
15% of the food prepared at weddings goes to waste.
This can be used to serve 30 crore hungry citizens in a year. Pledge the surplus food from your event to the thousands of people who need it more.
Pledge the surplus