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What's the #ExtendedGuestList?

It is estimated that in India, approximately 68 million tonnes of food is wasted each year. Big occasions such as weddings only add to this. According to reports, an astounding 40% food gets wasted during a wedding.

The #ExtendedGuestList is an attempt to avoid this large scale food wastage - by planning a little in advance, we can help distribute excess food to those who need it the most. By sharing food with the lesser privileged, you can make them a part of your celebration and your #ExtendedGuestList.

How can you help?

Share the joy and spread more smiles by adding the lesser privileged to your #ExtendedGuestList by filling a simple form.

Our Robins will reach out to you to coordinate the surplus food pick up and distribute it to those who need it the most.

Are you or someone you know getting married?

Create an extended guest list to spread the joy! Just share some details with us :

Thank you for doing your bit - we will try our best to serve, you will be redirected to the local city WhatsApp group where you can coordinate with our Robins.

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Thank you for inviting guests to your wedding!

Extended Guest List in News

Want to know more about how we launched #ExtendedGuestList? Read all about how Hansika Motwani collaborated with us and extended her wedding guest list to feed the ones in need.


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